Create futuristic & highly scalable app solutions for your multilateral business needs with experienced Salesforce developers using the world’s most advanced CRM platform.

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Hire Salesforce Developers To Get Complete Development Solutions

We at AquSag Technologies, are committed to providing our customers with the best Salesforce app solutions that bring speedy growth & more revenues to their businesses.

eCommerce App Development

To leverage the credible user management capabilities of Salesforce, clients can hire dedicated Salesforce developers from AquSag Technologies to create eCommerce app solutions. eCommerce applications interact with a versatile audience including end-customers, sellers, and business admins. Our team of Salesforce experts ensures to include dynamic flexibility edge while developing these applications.

CMS Development

Hire Salesforce developers to enhance the community processes for a smooth and flawless interaction between different peers of your business. Our experts’ developers build Salesforce CRM solutions to allow businesses to create, manage, and organize business tasks and content through dynamic interfaces. We keep your CRM content flexible, consistent, and appealing through the integration of external scripts and programming languages.

Custom App Development

Use Salesforce to create applications that enhance the overall growth of your business by meeting the needs of your customers, professionals, and partners. Clients can hire Salesforce experts at AquSag Technologies to build applications creating versatile experiences. From healthcare to banking & finance, our custom app developers are using Salesforce to create meaningful app solutions that sustain and bring results.

Enterprise App Development

Transform your traditional approach of executing enterprise tasks with the wonders of the cloud. Hire dedicated Salesforce developers to implement and utilize Salesforce for simplifying heavy infrastructure processes. Enterprise applications developed on Salesforce are the most significant way to counter all the conventional process-related challenges and indulge in maximum productivity of any business organization.

Salesforce Consulting

Align your operations to the best of your business needs by optimizing Salesforce in sales, marketing, and support. Our Salesforce consultants will guide you to make defining decisions for your business to optimize Salesforce at its best. From comprehending the objectives, challenges, and strategies, our Salesforce experts provide you the support and expertise any aspiring business seeks for.

Migration & Integration

Those willing to adopt Salesforce partially or completely into their processes can hire experienced Salesforce professionals at AquSag Technologies. Our experts help businesses make a smooth move to Salesforce as a technology in their applications developed on another technology earlier. The objective is to provide our clients the most advantageous and cost-effective Salesforce solutions.

Hire Industry’s Best Salesforce Developers Within 8 Hours

01 Shortlist

The first step to hiring competent Salesforce developers for your project is to send us a query consisting of the details. You will get a response from our end within four hours along with a few CVs of relevant candidates. You can shortlist the CVs of professionals that meet your project requirements. If you cannot find any relevant candidates, we share a few more CVs to help you make the right choice for your project.


Once you finalize the CVs of the candidates seeming to be the best-suited ones for your project, you are given the opportunity to interact with each of them through the interview process. You can analyze their skills and make the call. If you are unable to find any candidates for your project during the interview process, we can anytime move to the first process of reviewing the CVs of other experienced Salesforce developers.

03 Onboarding & Introduction

Candidates who have qualified for the interview shall be deployed on the project. Before the team starts working on your project, we set up a meeting between the client, account manager, project manager, and offshore developers to keep things on the same page. These meetings shall be accomplished on any of the platforms including Trello, Slack, Jira, Webex, or any other instant messaging app.

Why Should You Hire Offshore Salesforce Developers?

Salesforce is the choice of every business seeking time-efficient and cost-effective app solutions with maximum personalization, features, and highly interactive app modules. Our offshore Salesforce developers are paving your path to achieving it.

Risk Assessment

Our Salesforce developers take actionable steps to make all the applications developed using the platform risk-free and capable of countering the real-time loopholes in the task execution. With such an approach, we escape any discrepancies in the processes.

Flexible Work Process

Our offshore Salesforce developers provide you compatible and manageable practices to develop your applications developed on Salesforce. We adopt an agile approach to create robust and sustainable applications efficiently. Through a sense of flexibility, our offshore Salesforce experts bring out-of-the-box to the table.

Versatile Experience

Our offshore Salesforce developers have long-term experience in working on projects of versatile arenas. We sustain as a leading staffing service provider for Salesforce app solutions. Through our years of experience in the industry, we have gained recognizable expertise in delivering promising solutions.


AquSag Technologies has been a credible Salesforce technology partner for our clients. One of the reasons for such recognition is our cost-efficient app solutions allowing businesses of all sizes to leverage the expertise of experienced Salesforce developers.

Fast and Accurate

Using Salesforce, our offshore developers have been able to create advanced app solutions in less time and with more accuracy. Clients do not need to care about the training or formalities related to the recruitment or deployment of teams that save significant amounts of time.

24x7 Availability

The best thing about our offshore Salesforce developers is that the clients can deploy our teams in all time zones. We follow a proactive approach to interact with the clients, understanding their requirements, new ideas, and convey the developments on the projects timely.

Choose the Best Way to Hire Dedicated Salesforce Developers

Time & Material

If you are seeking Salesforce experts' assistance on your short-term project, AquSag Technologies provides you the way. Clients can hire the resources for a timespan so they do not need to make large investments to build applications for their businesses.

Dedicated Hiring

If you have a complete project and want our offshore Salesforce experts to help you build applications, this hiring enables you to utilize our resources for a dedicated time period. Such contracts are bound on an hourly, monthly, weekly, or annual basis. These projects are handled from scratch to making the final delivery accomplished.

Build Your Team

This hiring model specializes in large-scale projects where clients can build their own team of dedicated Salesforce developers helping them build sustainable solutions. With this hiring model, the project costs may reduce by 50 to 70%. This insight is applicable for clients in regions like the USA, Europe, and Australia in particular.