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Our In-Demand and On-Demand Mobile App Developers

We have a team of qualified mobile app developers who can improve your business and assure growth by taking care of your app development needs.

Hire Android Developer

Get a secure Android app by leveraging the hands-on experience of our developers in the development, up-gradation, and maintenance. Our Android developers are well-versed in using Android SDK, Java, Kotlin, etc. to create feature-rich apps.

Hire iOS Developers

With our team of iOS app developers, launch apps that meet the App Store guidelines and iPhone users’ expectations. They will help you scale up your business by matching your iOS app with the latest iOS updates, technology, and trends.

Hire React Native Developers

Our React Native developers are capable of integrating intuitive UI components and other features within the cross-platform app. This helps in improving your user acquisition and satisfaction rate on different mobile platforms.

Hire Flutter Developers

Our developers are experts in utilizing the features of Flutter that speeds up the development or up-gradation of apps for both mobile and web platforms. This makes the app development process effortless and time-saving as per your business needs.

Hire IoT Developers

Our team of mobile application developers has earned great experience in IoT app development. They are able to build apps that can function and connect with internet-connected devices and offer home & warehouse automation, asset monitoring, and other similar solutions.

Hire PWA Developers

Our team has experienced developers who can build a progressive web application with benefits like no installation app and push notifications etc. Our developers utilize technologies like HTML5, AngularJs, ReactJs, and VueJs to achieve a smooth and fast native-like PWA

Are You Ready to Start in Less Than 8 Hours ?

01 Shortlist

We will shortlist the appropriate resources for the interview on the basis of the technical skill set requirements shared by you. You can scan those CVs according to your needs and shortlist them for the next round i.e. the interview. This complete shortlisting process will be conducted within the four business hours of your request.


We align the resources immediately for the interview once you shortlist them. You can check the level of communication, responsiveness, ownership, mindset, and most importantly the work experience that is best required for the job. If rejected the other shortlisted candidates will be aligned until you get the best resource.

03 Onboarding & Introduction

The onboarding processes like creating the slack or Trello or any other communication board access for the hired resources will begin. Once onboarding is complete your introductory call with the account manager and finalized resource will be set up. Now get ready to initiate the development process on your own terms.

Why Should You Hire Offshore Mobile App Developers?

If you want quick and cost-effective app development with a first-time-right approach, then offshore mobile app developers are the right choice. AquSag Technologies is the one roof solution company that helps you in reducing risks, and costs.


Our developers get the opportunity to work on multiple types of projects in their tenure and that gives them an opportunity to explore their skills and learn many things that helps them with every new assignment. That’s a rare opportunity that can only be acquired in an offshore mobile app development agency.

No Training Required

When you hire in-house developers, you need to spend time and money on their training. But when you choose to hire offshore developers from AquSag Technologies, you are trusting professionals who are well-trained and understand your requirements.

Pay less; Get more

Our hierarchy and process keep a senior developer engaged to review the work regularly. Moreover, the availability of technical leads saves time when the hired resource faces any challenge. This reduces the R&D time and thus helps save the overall costing.

Share The Risk

Hiring in-house developers will keep your reputation at risk if security or quality is compromised. With our offshore developers, this risk of consequences is shared. Any fault will bring our image at risk as well which motivates our developers to stay perfect at work.

Never Demand Infrastructure

When you outsource developers, the mobile app development company will look after their needs. You will not have to bear the cost of things like the internet, phone, printer, computer, workstations to firewalls, security, and other benefits like leaves, health insurance, etc.

Time Zone Won’t Matter

No matter where you are, our offshore mobile app developers are trained to work according to the client’s comfort. They are available round-the-clock for project discussions via multiple communication channels like slack, skype, and on our own project management tool.

3 Models to Hire App Developers

Time & Material

Smaller job, smaller liability, this explains the model. If you want to try our resource you can provide him with a piece of information or a module and you just need to pay for the hours it takes to complete. You can also choose it as a model if your requirements are not small. This gives you agility and control over the process and billing.

Dedicated Hiring

You can hire our mobile app developers on a full-time monthly basis. Selected developers will work exclusively on your project. This mostly suits the businesses with a long-term project. These businesses need full-time resources to complete the work within a decided timeframe. It saves their cost as well as makes the process quick and efficient.

Build Your Team

This is for businesses that are willing to expand their team and want to onboard a complete team offshore for minimizing the overall cost of project development and increasing the profit. Native developers in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia are 50% to 70% costlier than offshore developers with the same skills and experience.