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Hire Dedicated PWA Developers to Leverage Their Expertise

Our PWA developers are well-trained in understanding the needs of businesses before working on them diligently.

Custom PWA Web Development

We understand the requirements of our clients thoroughly before committing our time to their project. This lets us work according to their needs and goals which helps us deliver a customized progressive web app according to your expectations.

Website Conversion to PWA

PWA has become the new digital prospect for businesses to deliver a better user experience even at low bandwidth. By converting existing websites to a progressive web app, businesses are increasing conversion rates by many folds.

Responsive Web App Development

Progressive web apps allow businesses to offer their users a platform to interact with different devices and browsers. Our developers create high-performing PWA for businesses across domains. Their PWAs act like a website as well as a native app.

App Shell Model Development

When you hire dedicated PWA developers from our team, you will receive an app that is quick to load and seamless to use by your customers. We make this possible by using the app shell model for progressive web app development.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Progressive web apps are undergoing constant advancements with technological innovations. This generates the need to support, upgrade, and maintain the PWAs that are functioning well. We offer these services under end-to-end support.

Plug-in Development for PWA

We ensure that customized solutions are delivered to every business by developing plugins that aid the desired functionality of progressive web apps. Our team of PWA developers ensures a secure, robust, and fast app structure for your business.

Hire Dedicated PWA Developers in the Next 8 Hours

01 Shortlist

We will share the CVs of the most suitable PWA developers with you after receiving your requirements. Based on the experience, expertise, qualifications, etc. of our developers, you can weigh their suitability for your project. In case, you will not find any of them suitable then we will share a new set of CVs.


In this step, we will organize the interview round for all the shortlisted developers. We recommend our client to evaluate their suitability on the basis of their approach, attitude, and communication. During this process, you can finalize the candidates for your project. In case, you will not find them suitable for your project then we can start with the process again.

03 Onboarding & Introduction

After the process of the selection of PWA developers is finalized, we schedule an introductory call with you, the account manager, and your hired team of PWA developers. We will set up accounts on various communication channels like Webex, Skype, Slack, Trello, etc. This process will embark on your journey with our team.

Why Should You Hire Offshore PWA Developers?

For high-quality and secure solutions, you should hire offshore resources from reliable sources. AquSag Technologies is a premium destination to hire dedicated PWA developers for on-demand customized applications.

Prompt Replies

The development of any application requires constant effort and teamwork. PWA developers at AquSag Technologies understand this well. Hence, we always give quick replies to our clients which ensures smooth delivery of work.

No Training Required

By hiring offshore developers, you can be sure of working with well-trained PWA developers. AquSag Technologies will take the responsibility of providing you with skilled and experienced developers according to your project.

Extensive Experience

We have worked with businesses of all sizes from various industrial domains for the past 13 years. This has helped our developers in gaining rich experience of working with different projects with varying complexity levels.

Maximize ROI

Any development project needs a quick support system to resolve the queries of developers on a real-time basis. This eventually reduces the time and ultimately the overall cost of development. By hiring offshore PWA developers, you can increase your ROI.


When you hire PWA developers from an offshore company like AquSag Technologies, you commit to saving costs for your business. You will not have to bear the costs of infrastructure like hardware, software, security, etc. of your team of PWA developers.

Flexible Approach

Our developers are well-trained to work according to any development methodology including Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid. You can choose an approach according to your requirements and business goals as we work with an adaptable approach

Choose the Right Way to Hire PWA Developers

Time & Material

This model is best suited for businesses that have short-term requirements. By choosing this model for your project, you can maximize your ROI. Under this model, businesses can hire PWA developers at minimum investment and time period. This will allow you to have strong control over cost and time.

Dedicated Hiring

To let our developers work for your project exclusively, you need to hire dedicated PWA developers under this model. You can hire them on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. This model is a perfect choice for businesses with long-term project requirements. It will ensure faster and efficient development in a cost-effective manner.

Build Your Team

Under this model, businesses can hire a team of offshore developers. This team will cost them around 50%-70% less than the native developers of locations like the USA, the UK, or Australia. It is best suited for businesses that are ready to hire a complete team for their project on a limited budget.