Playing a crucial role in creating futuristic software applications and websites for your businesses using the tech stack of MongoDB, Express, React & Nodejs.

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Hire MERN Stack Developers For These Services

Our team of MERN stack developers has been handling small to large-scale projects utilizing their years of experience and expertise.

eCommerce Web App Development

Our MERN stack developers specialize in the latest tools and frameworks that empower your eCommerce business objectives. Featuring the latest functionalities, they tend to cover all your requirements within the package. In our team, many developers have worked dedicatedly on eCommerce projects using MERN stack technologies.

CMS Development

To provide apt administration of websites and applications through CMS, our team of MERN stack developers indulges in time-efficient plugins. They design and develop CMS applications to make them attain your business objectives. The team utilizes the MERN stack to make our CMS solutions easy-to-integrate.

ERP App Development

Our MERN stack development professionals assist our clients to enhance their organizational processes with smart data analysis and complete automation. By developing inclusive ERP applications, they engage in a completely automated and analytical organization structure. They personalize the applications as per clients’ requirements and the latest technology trends.

Custom App Development

To transform your ideas into a reality and provide you result-oriented app solutions, our MERN stack developers leverage the best of their skills. Considering your requirements and available resources, they create a strategic path & get your business app ready at the earliest.

Enterprise App Development

Simply your enterprise process with mobile or web applications managing all your business operations in one place. Using the MERN stack at its core, our team of developers builds enterprise apps that engage in easy integration of third-party tools, fast information sharing, and strengthened app security.

Migration & Integration

You can leverage the smooth and flawless migration of your websites and applications developed in other technologies to the MERN stack. Our team of MERN stack developers would ensure to keep the security of your data sustained and bring maximum results with its integration to the core of your web and mobile applications

Hire Industry’s Best MERN Stack Developers Within 8 Hours

01 Shortlist

To hire MERN stack developers for your project at AquSag Technologies, you can send us a query and we get back to you within four hours. We share the CVs of developers having the skill set required for your project. You can shortlist and hire dedicated MERN stack developers you find most suitable for your project.


In the next step to hire cost-effective MERN Stack developers, clients can interview developers whose CVs you shortlisted and have face-to-face communication about your requirements, and judge their understanding about the same. You can hire dedicated MERN Stack developers and analyze their experience, projects, skills, and other important things. We share more CVs in case you’re not satisfied.

03 Onboarding & Introduction

To onboard the project, we initiate the communication through any of the tools suggested by you. It may be Trello, Slack, Jira, Webex, or any other instant messaging app. Thereafter, we arrange a call between the client and our team members including the account manager, project manager, and offshore developers.

Why Should You Hire Offshore MERN Stack Developers?

Leverage a rich time-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and easy incorporation of features to your mobile or web applications by hiring offshore MERN stack app developers that personalize your project requirements.

Risk Assessment

Offshore MERN stack app developers ensure that their applications do not exhibit any risks on clients’ business objectives through a multi-layered and secured process. Since the MERN stack itself is a combination of technologies, risk assessment becomes an organizational task.

Flexible Work Process

Offshore MERN stack app developers possess long-term expertise in creating app solutions based on different business models such as waterfall, agile, hybrid, or scrum. Such an independent work process reduces your efforts in elaborating your conditions and makes operations execute faster.

Versatile Experience

To establish a strong recognition in the market, we set up a team of offshore MERN stack developers that deal with a versatile range of requirements for all overseas projects. Our team of developers holds a strong command of the complete tech stack used to develop business apps.


There are lots of things beyond hiring an in-house developer. You may need to provide the resources they need. On the other hand, all you need to do is start your project with an offshore team is to hire a cost-effective MERN Stack developer or a team, tell them your requirements and complete the basic formalities on setting up the contract.

Fast and Accurate

Hire MERN Stack developers to shorten the communication chain. They streamline direct and effective communication between the authoritative professionals like project managers and senior developers working on your projects. With an effective chain of communication, the process becomes faster and more precise.

24x7 Availability

Offshore developers provide their services in any timezone you wish them to work on your projects. Hire MERN Stack developers to ensure you of consistent developments on your projects regardless of the differences in time zones at both ends of the process.

Choose the Best Way to Hire Dedicated MERN Stack Developers

Time & Material

You can contact us to accomplish short-term developments on your websites or applications. We will provide you with a team of MERN stack developers for a particular span of time required by you. With such an approach, you escape the need to make large investments.

Dedicated Hiring

You can hire MERN stack developers for a specific period of time. Such contracts may be effective on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. We recommend such an agreement for complete projects where our developers take the responsibility of starting it from scratch & make things finalized.

Build Your Team

If you have a large-scale project, hire dedicated MERN stack developers, and want to build your own teams, we can provide you with dedicated MERN stack developers who would handle your projects in the long run. Such an approach decreases the cost of complete projects up to 50% particularly for clients based in the USA, Europe & Australia.